Process takes too long to read 'Assets' tab from config file


I am using enterprise 19.10.2, REF for my project.
Issue is that when the project starts executing it gets stuck in ‘InitAllSettigs’ block for quite long before moving to ‘KillProcess’ block, around 40 seconds to be exact.

After the message ‘execution started’ it take around 40 seconds to move to ‘Kil Process’ block, while debugging I found that it’ getting stuck in ‘Get Asset’ activity for asset row(I have around 20 assets in config). I have not faced this issue in previous project which I developed using 2018.4.5.
It juts lags in this activity for sometime before moving to next row and same thing happens for each row, not sure, but may be this might be the reason for overall delay.

Any help or advise will be grateful.

Get asset is used to get asset values from orchestrator.

has all asset available in orchstrator which you have mentioned in config file? try to decrease timeout property to 10sec and also change property to interactive if it is in the state complete. that might save couple of seconds for sure.