Process success if computer screen on , It fails when screen is off

Elements working fine when I open computer or screen is on. It is failing when computer is turned off. I mean few elements are not working properly and process failed.

(I have two PC which are connected to one company’s laptop)

I don’t know what is this error or how to solve this.


All the background activities will work in the background automation even if your screen is locked.
Suppose if you are getting error for Click or Type enable Simulate Type, it will resolve your issue.

Plz confirm for which activity you are getting this error? and the screenshot of the property panel.

The issue is possible due to your activity setting. In order for an activity to run in background, or when user account is in locked state, you may enable “SimulateType” in activity properties. You can refer to the screenshot below for reference.

I am not getting any error for that element (I did not clicked on Continue on error) still process is finishing but not as expected.


Could you please tell us which activity it’s not working as expected.
Also the screenshot for better clarity.

Ashwini Kempraj


So do you mean if you keep the screen active manually then only the process runs?

It means screen either gets locked due to timeout.

If screen getting locked up is the issue -
To keep the screen active all the time you can use a keepactive.vbs script which keeps the screen awake all the time.
You just have to double click the script and it will keep the screen active.

Script code:

Set ws=CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
ws.SendKeys “{F15}”

Paste this in notepad and save as KeepActive.vbs

And then just double click and it runs in background.

Then you can run your automations.


Use some hotkeys (ctrl + D) in workflow which allow screen active.

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Let me try that. Thanks