Process structure - layered approach

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I’m struggling a bit when it comes to structuring my complex processes. I generally use the ReFrameWork to get an overall structure, which I really enjoy. But as soon as it comes down to the specific Processing logic, it gets a bit confussing.

I understand that breaking the process in multiple workflow files helps with reusability and maintenance, but I’m wondering how ‘deep’ this has to go. I came across this article by Symphony and I understand the Process/Subprocess/Object part, but the Component part is not really clear to me.

It says that every individual screen interaction should be a seperate layer, so does this mean that, for example, a single Type Into activity to enter a name, should be a seperate file?

I hope that somebody can give some more information about this.

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@senne.symons, Every screen interact should be separate layer (Scope).
In that designing you need to create a separate scope for each screen and add all activities related operations on that screen (Scope). This is old method how QTP/UFT Keyword driven frame work.

Here if you create every screen interaction as a layer (scope) that will give easy maintenance. You can detect where an error occur. Also develop each layer separately as small parts and paste it in the master ReFrameWork.

Hope my inputs are useful