Process stopped due to unexpected error


I’m reading excel file and converting it to text format and uploading in webportal.
While iteration second time robot process stopping due to unexpected error
Please suggest any work around


Can you share the workflow?

@Manoj_Batra:sorry I cannot share the workflow. since it is client machine

but I’m using linq to convert 30000 excel line item to text format. will that cause this issue

You dont need to do all manually we have activity called output datatable once you read excel give that Data table as input for output data table and it will return you string and you can write then to other files.

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Yes, but it I need to convert excel value into text tab delimit where output datatable will not generate even replacing comma (",","") doesn’t give the expected result

Once you have string then explicitly String manipulations.

can you share only the piece of code where the exception is occurring. I need to replicate it on my machine to know the exact error that is causing this issue. it would be hard to tell the exact solution or if you can share the complete error that is coming while execution, this would be a great help to solve this.

i havent tried it in that way but linq seems better for me.
so linq make process to stop…any idea?

Thanks for your response.
Bot will read mail and save excel file(2mb) and convert it to text format and upload in portal
Here one portal will take 5-10 mins load.until bot wait once get upload status complete…it will move on to next attachment
While moving second attachment i’m getting this error