Process runs perfectly when triggered from robot tray but throws exception when scheduled from orchestrator


Please help me with this issue, process is on production unattended and worked fine couple of days back. Now it is throwing some or the other exception, though it works perfectly when triggered from tray.

Please provide exceptions’ message

those are selectors error which actually have no problem when triggered process from tray and sometimes business exceptions.

the recent error which I am frequently getting is below-


  1. Please check the resolution setting of Unattended robot on Orchestrator - does it same with resolution when running from tray?
  2. Add some Try/Catch to handle exception and add Take Screenshot into Catch to check what happened
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resolution setting I have not come across of robots, can you please guide me some steps to check for that. I am trying to check for it but no good luck yet.

  1. Go to Orchestrator
  2. Select MANAGEMENT > Robots Menu
  3. Select your Robot to open the detail
  4. Select Setting Tab , you will see Resolution Width, Resolution Height, Resolution Depth
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thanks, done. Do I need to restart VM or anything?