Process runs on original VM, but fails on New VM

Hi, having a very strange issue. We’ve been able to get around the issue, but would still like to understand why it happened in the first place (find root cause).

We’ve recently added a new VM to a department/folder in UiPath, but for some reason we’re having issues with some processes running on this new VM. The VM was spun from an image we use to clone all our New VM and should be identical to the existing one except for a few program, access that we’ve added to match the first VM. It should be as close as we could to the existing VM, but the same processes that run fine on the existing VM are failing on the new VM…

we’ve encountered 4 issues causing the processes to fail:

1- “Save As” popup not being handled correctly in Excel
Resolution: this is being fixed by updating the logic by sending “Enter” in the Type into activity after the full path, instead of clicking save. Not too worried about this one, as this logic should have been updated anyway…

2- Issue with clicking button for single sign-on after opening webpage in Chrome.
Resolution: Updated the Selector (just clicked on button), working fine now.

3- Send hotkey activity stop working in Excel
Resolution: I replaced the “Alt”+“em” hotkey activity to an “Alt” activity and a separate hotkey activity for “e” and “m”, which I had to click the Excel banner for both the “e” and “m” selectors otherwise it kept writing “em” in cell A1, which fixed the issue.

4- Type into activity couldn’t find the Excel spreadsheet tab to update the name.
Resolution: Updated the selector by clicking on the tab in excel and updating the selector to make it generic (allow it to work in Dev and Prod), fixed the issue.

Just checking to see if anyone else has had this issue or a similar issue and if they found out what caused this. It just doesn’t make sense that the exact same processes being run from Orchestrator would behave this differently when ran on a new VM when this new VM should be pretty much the clone of the first one. (Same version of Studio installed 21.10.4)

Thanks !

@jeanfrancois_ferguson Did you check the new VM screen resolution. Is the resolution same as like the previous VMs or Dev VMs

Thanks for the quick reply Usha !

I assumed that it was, as it used to be, but we Updated to a newer version Orchestrator about 4 months ago. I checked with the admin and it looks like this was left blank in the robot settings after the last update. I still have a bunch of processes to check on the new VM, I’ll report back if this fixed our issues.

Jean-Francois Ferguson

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