Process runs in Test Environment, but not in Production

We built a process using the Community Edition, which is running smoothly in our Test Environment.
However, when running the same process in our Production Environment, the process fails:
“Invoke Workflow File: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”

In production we use the Enterprise Edition and run the processes via UiRobot. Any idea what could be the issue?

Hi @Jeremy_Deceuster

Its can be of version comparability issues please verify the development environment studio robot version and production environment robot version. Most of the time upward comparability wont cause issues but vise-versa can cause a lot of issues.

Can also be the issue with selectors also try building stable selectors which contains only necessary information to target UiElement.

Thank you


Hi @Person_Unknown,

The issue was indeed related to version comparability.

Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards,

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