Process Running very slow on different environment


We are having problems with running bot processes in the production environment. It’s running very very very slow compare to the development server.
We have a problem with memory leak issues in IE so we decided to add the garbage collector invoke a method in some of the workflows, tested it in development server, everything works fine then moved to production. Now, the performance is working very very slow. It was working fine before GC invoke method.

Initially, we thought it’s because of GC invoke, so we removed it and reverted the code to before GC (It was running perfectly). but it’s not the case. we did reinstall/update all the packages but doesn’t work.

It’s still working perfectly fine in the development environment, only happens in production. Everything is the same as the production and development environments.

  • Same IE version
  • Same IE settings
  • Same Studio verison
  • Same Package Version
  • Same Computer Specifications

We can’t figure out what’s causing the problem. Any ideas or suggestions

Thank You

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Hi, pls check your software on production machine especially security software like anti-virus, data-loss prevention, and windows and IE configuration on security. Hope could be help.

Hi @phyomt

Also check the memory usage of the applications that are running along with the automation process. May be something of those applications are using lot of memory than you expect…

Let know if you find anything…

we deleted the temp file in production server and it fixed the problem but i dont get why it would be a cause as we definitely have more temp file in development environments and it wasn’t giving us any problem till now.