Process Queue item every 2 minutes without using the license for the entire time


Any good ideas how to approach this task.

Throughout the day bookings are coming in to our ERP, these booking needs product identification, which is done by making a HTTP request to a partner. A couple of minutes later we can do a second HTTP request to get the product identified.

Unfortunately our partner can’t cope that I just push 100-200 HTTP requests through at the same time, so I’m forced to send a request, wait a couple of minutes and ask for the product.

So I’m looking for a solution that does something like below

A workflow that adds all the bookings to a Queue in the orchestrator
every 2 minutes a http request is sent to do the identification
every 2 minutes a http request is sent to check if the product has been identified, if not the item is postponed and processed again later
The order is updated in our ERP

The first and second HTTP requests only takes a second to do, so I would like to be able to use the robot in between the requests to other processes.

Couldn’t you perform the HTTP requests as background processes? If you do, I believe they could run concurrently with other processes that are “non-background”.


I thought about using background processes for this but… below is taken from the docmentation

This is only available for Attended Robots . When using Unattended Robots to run multiple Processes at the same time, each Running Process consumes a separate license.

Which requires me to either start the process every morning Attended or consume an unattended license throughout the day. The process should run from 7.05 to 20.00 every weekday and from 7.05 to 13.00 saturdays, so a unattended trigger would be preferable.

On a sidenote…I follow you on YT and your videos are great :slight_smile:

Well now I learned something new today :slight_smile:
In a situation like yours, I would probably write a small C# or VB application to do the HTTP requests, and schedule its execution through Windows Task Scheduler. Once the product has been identified, you can move on to set the status on the item, create an item in a new queue, or whatever needs to be done. (Sorry, I don’t understand your process completely).

I know this is not what you want to read in a UiPath forum, but I’ve run into these “me, me, me!!”-processes a couple of times, and sometimes they’re just not worth the license usage impact.

And thanks reg. my youtube stuff :slight_smile:


There was a solution to the issue after all.

Saw a video from Mukesh Kala on YT explaining “linear processes in Reframework” - by not going back to get a new transaction after a completion of the first Queue item, but just going to the end state - the process will do one transaction on every execution.

Then it’s just a matter of creating a trigger expression for an execution every X minut.

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