Process Package Requirements

I noticed that there is a Package Requirements tab on processes but nothing ever shows up for any of my packages. I have packages that use assets/queues/… Does anybody know how the requirements are determined and how I can get them to show up in Orchestrator?


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Can you please elaborate more about the issue for better understanding. Any screenshot would be helpful.

Hi Ciara / Ganta,

I have the same question here :slight_smile:
On my understanding (@ChipotleCiara feel free to correct me), when creating/editing a process in a folder, there is a new tab named “Package Requirements” with a table :

Guessing from the table columns, it seems it is related to some ressources in the orchestrator (asset, queue…?)
However this feature seems new in 2021.10 as I’ve seen in on the cloud version, but not in the documentation nor our 2020.10 on-premise orchestrator.
And i’ve seen no location to fill this requirements (?)


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Hi @ChipotleCiara,

At a high level, Orchestrator scans the package for any activities that interact with its resources (Assets, Queues, Storage Buckets, etc.) and tries to determine if those activities have valid inputs that match the resources available in Orchestrator. Values that are hardcoded Strings will directly correlate to Orchestrator resources and show a Status of Available if matched to an appropriate resource or Missing if no match is found. Variables and Arguments will show a Status of Unknown since their values cannot be determined by this feature. Any of the scoped activities that have a Folder specified that does not exist will show a Status of Folder Not Found.