Process not stopping on given breakpoints while running in debug mode

Hi, from the last few days I am facing a debugging issue. I gave a lot of breakpoints, but when I run the process in Debug mode. It does not stop there it keeps running even on given breakpoints. Is it a normal behavior or what, previously it was working fine, nowadays don’t understand. I am using the 11.0 beta community edition. @Pablito @lakshman @loginerror


Till now I didn’t try this one in new version. Will look into this issue and come back to you.

Mean while use Step Into option in debug mode and check it once.

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Hi , yes .I did feel it
But later it got rectified itself
For now you can use delay activity in between activities where you want to perform debug point and omce the bot is halted for given delay time , you can click on ‘pause’ and do the step into from that activity

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good idea, but we need to know why this happen bro.

@loginerror kindly intervene

Hi @balkishan

I believe I’ve seen this issue and it was caused by the Robot process running different version than Studio (it can happen sometimes during auto-update process).

Does it still happen after a simple computer restart?

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Hi @loginerror Thanks for the reply.
I am using studio on Windows Sever 2012 R2 Pack. I have’t restarted the sever after update. But is there any alternative way to resolve this without restarting the machine.

Yes, you can try to follow this guide as I think it might be the same cause (but I’m not sure):