Process not stopping after upgrade from 2019.5.0 to 2019.6.0

My UIPATH Community edition got updated on 27th June to 2019.6.0 from 2019.5.0.
Post which, if the process fails, the execution is not stopping and run button is not getting enabled.
Each and every time, I am killing the application from Task Manager and starting it once again after fixing the error.

Any suggestion on how to downgrade to 2019.5.0 or some other work around pls…


I guess there is no need to downgrade and all that. A re installation should fix the issue (that is what I did)

Hi @GaneshSah

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Kindly uninstall and reinstall once the UiPath studio and try


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Once goto Help section and check whether you are using Stable or Beta version.

If you are using Stable version then upgrade to Beta channel and restart UIpath studio once.

Thanks, Uninstall and reinstall helped. :slight_smile:

kindly close this topic with right comment marked as solution that could help others as well
Cheers @GaneshSah