Process not ran by orchestrator


Per my understanding this is correct. And as the link you posted says the job will stop even if it didn’t start on time.

I typically don’t use the Stop Job setting for this reason. If you want to run 6 processes you can run them one after the other with just the scheduling times you have set up. As long as the bot stops itself when the work is done the next process will automatically be pending and then start when it can.

But, as @Palaniyappan mentioned above it is weird that the first two processes would work but not the last four. I’m only guessing that the issue is with the Stop After - it could be something else entirely.

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Thanks for the response @DanielMitchell.

That’s what I don’t understand if first 2 process got triggered then why not rest of 4?
@Pablito please intervene

Try checking the event viewer on your Orchestrator machine and on the robot machine.


In the jobs page, do you see those 4 jobs as pending or failed or something? Or is it not there at all?