Process not being run after scheduling in Orchestrator

Hey Peeps!
I am facing an issue regarding the scheduling of a process through Orchestrator.
It is set to trigger at 7 A.M. daily. The RDP which we are using connects to a local computer in our workspace. Everything is properly configured in the RDP but still it keeps throwing this error called Windows Session is Locked. You can refer to this image.


I need a probable solution to this.
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Hi @Hu_Xiaotao

Go to Tenant → Manage Access → Assign Roles → Robot Accounts → Click on three dots and click on Edit → you will find Robot Settings → Enable Login to Console by keeping option as No → Click Update.

This should help you run the bot, even when your Remote Connection is locked.

Hope it helps!!


Check if your unattended bot is installed as Service Mode.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @Charan_Kalyankar

Try to Login to Console as No as mentioned by @Parvathy . If it an unattended robot , i would suggest to add some Delay in the process , before clicking the login button .
Hope it help you.