Process No available at local BOT, but same are available in ORCHETRATOR


I am getting series of errors

  1. , when i click on PUBLISH,Following process (PPMCREPORT_BOT)is getting synch to orheestrator. —good

But this is not available in local BOT?—??


Just to try,

Disconnect and try reconnecting the studio and orchestrator @allurai_india

No Hope

Is your robot assigned to any environment?? @allurai_india

Here environment is null @allurai_india, add the robot to the environment you have created

In the environments tab, click on Manage

And select the robot you have and then update :slight_smile: @allurai_india

Hi Allurai,

You have added Process to Demo Environment, For the process to be available on your Robot you should add your Robot to Demo Environment as well.
To do this, Go to Robots in Orchestrator, click on Environments

Select Your Environment i.e Demo Environment and click on More action as highlighted in the above screenshot.
Select manage from More action and you will be able to see your robot i.e YALLURAIAH, Check that and finally click on save as instructed in the below screenshots and now you will be able to see the process in your bot.

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thanks for fixing things. …

but when try to run the job from orhestrator i am getting following error “faulated”

Please check the privileges once for the bot @allurai_india


Can you Please let me know what is the process you are trying to run!
Mark this as solution if you could see the process in bot tray and if your issue was resolved!

Now I can able to see the “PPMCREPORT_BOT” on the local system (BOT Tray).

But while try to running the jobs it is throowing error ?

Can you explain what is the process you are trying to execute?
This has got status faulted since the process was not completed successfully.

well, on my BOT tray process is showing as “PPMCREPORT_BOT_demo enivronment”

on the orchestrator it is showing as “PPMCREPORT_BOT”

is this a error ?

You will get only the process name in the tray @allurai_india

This is my process tab

And this is my tray


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