Process multiple items in UIPath Studio

I have an assignment where i need to process 10 items with each item having multiple records in Queue.

Please help me if possible with screenshots on how to process 10 items in UIPath Queue.

It is an assignment to me from my manager and i have to complete it by tomo.

Thanks in advance

You have to use Orchestrator for this, refer the tutorial.

Can you please elaborate since i could not find the details in tutorial.

Thanks for sharing the document…But still not able complete the task.

I am a beginner.

I am ready to pay u amount if you complete the task.

Please help me since it is the question of my job

Let me know your available time today to complete the task

I will share the conf link thru which u can connect

Thanks in advance

I have uploaded my project files in below folder in the google drive. Please help me to complete my assignment.

Thanks in advance.

Srinath, you don’t have to pay any one, provided you tell me what exactly the problem you are facing. Make your concept clear, do it yourself, if you face any problem, please post the specific problem/queries. Expecting some one else to do your work is not right and that cannot save your job. The only thing which can save your job is your knowledge on UiPath.

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