Process multiple files in a loop

Hi folks,

I’m processing a bunch of images with an application (IrfanView). When using a For … Each loop, I have trouble selecting a menu option of the application, because the selector of the click activity gets confused with the change in the ‘title’ property. That property includes the file name, so it’s different for each new file I need to process. The selector looks like this


The title property can’t be changed using a variable, it’s greyed out.

How can this be solved?

Best regards, Enrique

Hi @E_S,

Assign title to a variable for your Attach Window activity.


Hi Enrique - from your sequence pls select Attached Browser activity → navigate to selector properties → remove the ‘title=image-…’ section from the selector → Validate → ok…


Thank you Master, but that doesn’t work. As you may see in my screenshot above, the ‘title’ property is not editable (grey background), so I can’t remove it, or replace the file name by a wildcard.

I’d truly appreciate your reply. Thank you!