Process Mining same day same customer tag

Hi, Im trying to create a new tag. If there is multiple case for same customer in same day.

Thank you.

Hey Onur,

Could you share which version of Process Mining do you have.
Is it the stand-alone version or the Automation Cloud / Automation Suite one?

Hey there, Im using UiPath process mining tool.

Couldnt figure out how to fetch datas for same day yet.

To get to a boolean per case that says if there are multiple cases in the same case_start, you could set the levels like this:
case_id ←

The expression would be something like:
count(parent.children) > 1

This would calculate whether there are more cases within one start_date.

Thank you for your reply. I think because I don’t have event start variable, I can’t look up Case Start therefore it returns NULL.

I see.

In that case, you could also do this:

case_id ←

exists(parent.children; listmin(records.event_start) <= self.listmax(records.event_end) and listmax(records.event_end) >= self.listmin(records.event_start) and case_id <> self.case_id)

This would give you a boolean per case which results in true if it overlaps with another case of the same customer.