Process Mining AppOne Error

Hi ,

When I open up the AppOne tool using a dataset that I created I get the following error when attempting to view the process dashboard: “Exception: [{“message”:“Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute ‘addColorStop’ on ‘CanvasGradient’: The provided double value is non-finite.”,“filename”:”

Some additional details:

  1. I have the base attribute requirements (Case ID, Activity and Event End) defined and visible on all three data tables: Input, pre-processing and output.
  2. I was able to create a process graph in BasicConnector, but I can’t view it in AppOne
  3. The only errors on my exported dataset are related to tags, due dates, ref. models, actions and queues
  4. There are no warnings on my exported dataset

Please let me know if there is any additional information that I need to provide.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

I think I helped you already in a call but for visibility, I’ll give the most likely causes for this here as well.

The error which is thrown is a generic error that doesn’t give much information. But based on what you describe I think the error is in Event End. If you can see information in the basic connector but not in AppOne there is something wrong with these 3. In AppOne we expect input data to have a certain format (Case ID → Text, Activity → Text, Event End → Date + Time). If you don’t see anything most of the time one of these, most often Event End, is often in the wrong format, for example, YYYY-MM-DD vs DD-MM-YYYY, or it is not a Date + time but only a Date. Checking these 3 attributes should solve your issues.


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