Process is stopped with no Logs


We have an unattended robot that runs a process but there are often times that the Process’ status is “Stopped” and there are no logs generated. Process was built via ReFramework.

Any idea why this is the case?


Hi @Riomel_Martos

Is the orchestrator used my multiple users.

Yes it is… But I think no one would manually stop the orchestrator since users know that they must not touch any bots that were running on Prod.

Please refer this post,it will be use full

Click the (i) icon for the Job to see what it says about why it stopped.

Yes I’ve read this…

Stopped - job is in this state if it stopped (by using the Kill button, or by canceling it from the system tray) before it finished executing without throwing any errors.

But I’ve been checking the Audit page but no one stopped/killed a bot that coincides with the start time of the process

Hmm, this is what I get…


Was there any solution here? We get the exact same issue

We are facing the same issue. Is there any solution for this yet?