Process is not running while clicking Run

Once i am clicking run for any process
series of task hapeening
refer Screenshot

yes this is irony
debug mode


Your main file seems to be empty hence it is executing and closing . I think your process is in the adjacent tabs. Not in the Main tab.

Kindly run from the tab where process logic is there, seems main one is empty. Good luck

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Select the tab weatherBot then click arrow down click start without debugging if you want not to debug :slight_smile:


Hey Gemlan

i am not creating main
in my process i am executing only weatherbot

once run- executing weather bot (read only) then closed then open main (creating new process itself)


i am not creating this main once running it is going to be created itself

Can you share the workflow.

WeatherBot.xaml (23.0 KB)

i cant open it buddy. My version is updated one.

I guess my work space got corrupted, i have upgraded
then uninstall and reinstall nothing works

which one you are using?

Hi I tried it and it is working fine.

Which version you are using?

I tested it on 2018.3.2



what is happening with my workspace is-
while clicking f6 running fine
while clicking f5
this creates new process (main) and execute this but nothing works bcz this is empty

Just a suggestion.

Call your flow form Main file.
That should work.

There may be some up-gradation happened in the version which you are using,so it is expecting the main file. as That main file only get executed once you run from UI ROBOT.

make sense, let me check

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not working not for this
this is global anomaly
getting this for every project
what so ever