Process Gold Academy Development Training Environment


I see that the AppOne training has an accessible training environment, but to start the other modules like “Developer Basic” is necessary to have access to a licensed environment training.
Is this correct? It will be possible to access an open training environment?

Thank you

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Hi Debora.
Yes, this is correct. For accessing Dev Basic training a licensed dev env is required.

UiPath and ProcessGold are going to merge their Academies by end of Q1 next year. From there, UiPath is going to provide a free dev env to developers.

Until then, the option to provide a ProcessGold developer environment for the training of the ProcessGold platform‌ is not possible, since the ProcessGold platform‌ is designed to be used within a single organization where developers collaborate on creating applications.

I do not have more information at the time being, but I hope the above helps.

Have a nice day.


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