Process gets stuck if scheduled in Orchestrator, works if run manually from Orch

We recently upgraded our environment to 2019.10.x, and I created a bot. It runs fine in our dev and test regions, but in production, only completes if run manually from Orch. If scheduled under Triggers with the same params, it freezes at a certain step - the bot will run for hours and never error out. I instrumented the workflow…no activity is causing it to freeze - it’s completing one activity, then getting it stuck before starting any new work. Using the ReFramework, it stops near the beginning of GetTransactionData. If anyone has seen this, please respond. Thanks!

The issue here was that our deployment team added quotes to the string params in the Triggers, because they appeared in the Orchestrator screenshot from our test region. I wish UIPath would stopp adding quotes to these param values.

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