Hello good day,

I have a process case which deals with the following:
First of all I have an excel from which I am going to take username and password to log in,
Once it starts with the first user, it will extract a table, where it will have to click through the different lines of the table, for this I have put a counter in the selector,
How can I do so that in case of exception, it starts again with the user it was going for and once inside it clicks on the table line it was going through and does not start again at position 0 of the table?
Thank you!


Are you using Re-Framework or Sequence?

If you are doing in Re-Framework then you can set the number of retries in Config excel file

If not then check as below

Hope this may help you


good morning,
first of all thank you very much,
I am using the re-framework,
In the init, I have the excel with the users where it must be logged in, and then in the process I extract the table, for which you have to click to download