Process Flow

Hello! I am having a difficult time connecting my flowchart from activities.

As of right now the steps are as follow:

Go into outlook and save an excel file to a specified folder
Open said excel file and filter out data
go into an erp system and confirm data has been processed

My problem as of now is iteratively going through each data point within the filtered excel data, and inputting it within the ERP system. How can I do a for loop for that process that both respects the excel application scope while interplaying with an internet browser based ERP system

–kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this issue
said you are already done with the below steps.

now once after this use a for each row loop and pass the filtered datatable variable as input
–then inside the for each row loop use open broswer and get to the ERP system by mentioning the URL as input
–then inside the ERP system navigate to the page where you want to type using set of activities within that open browser activity and if needed use attach browser or attach window activity as well
–then use type into activity and mention the input as like this
where row is the variable from for each row loop that can get the value from the columnname mentioned and can type into the field we want
–at last inside the for each loop make sure that the window were we want to type the value of datatable to a field, is brought back either by using send hot key with set of keys or closing the current page and get back to the page where the input is to be passed.
so this makes sense that it can handle all the data row by row in the datatable and passing as input to the field where we want to type

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @csewall3

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