Process finished due to no more transaction data (Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment)


I was doing this assignment Calculate client security hash. However, when I debug the workflow, I’m getting a message in the output panel; “Process finished due to no more transaction data”. For the past 2 days I tried all the possible ways to figure out the issue and to resolve it. But things get more complicated. Everything seems to be fine, except this issue.
Please help me with this and help me to fix it asap.

Since I’m new user in UiPath forum i’m restricted from attaching the workflow.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Shijas1
One thing around
'are u sure that data is scrapped correctly?

Yes, I tested if the data is scrapped correctly by sending the scrapped data into an excel. It was showing me all the values in the excel.

Like at the Get Transaction state before assigning the transaction item, check whether the datatable had rows inside it or not