Process execution


I was exceuting process normally. Now it does not anymore.

As soon as I click “play” the process starts and ends in a second.

How to fix it?


Do you get any error or anything?

No nothing :frowning:

Try running in debug mode… click f7… You will get where it is stopping and check any input is missing

I did. Same thing it starts then ends without any error message

Could you share a screen shot of the process?

Hi @Youssef,

If your process runs fast what’s the problem ? :thinking:
Is it not doing what it was or what it is supposed to?

No it does not execute at all. It was executing normally. Now it does not anymore without any reason


What you developed and could you please tell more details.

hey @Youssef,
try restarting your PC once and check if it fixes the issues

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It did! Thanks a lot!

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