Process execution with API call

So looks like I was able to compete all of the steps in the manual, Thanks Hareesh!

Do you know how can I run a specific process that I have created?

Can you explain a bit please @Petrunenko?

If you want to run the process which you want to, publish it to orchestrator and make it a job . so, you can run the process through API using the job name

So looks like I’m missing something on the Robot / Job settings in the orchestrator. How do I add a Job that I can run only manually (including through API calls)?

Create a process, then you can run it by scheduling in the jobs or manually or by the API or even from the robot tray @Petrunenko

You have everything there in the video of how to schedule or run manually :slight_smile:

The only thing that the video doesn’t show is how to connect the ROBOT the a specific environment, and that’s what I’m missing :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to environments tab and click on manage , then add the robot to the environment @Petrunenko

Dude, you’re simply the best!

Now to last step of this adventure, how do I run the process through API. using the job name? :relaxed:

Please see the below thread @Petrunenko

Found it in the documentation, sorry to bother

This one will be more clear to you @Petrunenko


Here’s where I’mat right now.

I can successfully run jobs from Postman (yay!) since it has cached by previous authentication.

Do I understand correctly that in order to call the API from a 3rd party application I need to use the authentication as my account logical name + service instance logical name + add another header for the Tenant (as in previous topic you sent)?

You already have all those values @Petrunenko :slight_smile:

so, just need to send the request to run the job if your application has that capability to send. Before that, you need to get the bearer token and using that, you need to send the request. Thats it . You are done with entire process

What if my application does not have the bearer token?:confused:

I mean the bearer token of Orchestrator by sending authentication request :slight_smile: @Petrunenko, not the application you are using

Harish, thank you sooooo much for all your patience and help, I was able to launch the process in UIPath from my application!

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That was awesome news @Petrunenko, You are a pro now. Keep rocking dude :wink:
Feel free to post if you have any doubts further

I mean all of them are haha

Still need to find a way to do that :smile: @Petrunenko

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