Process execution with API call

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Was looking to get some help with launching a process through the following task:

Originally, the process is executed in a 3rd party application, and needs to initiate an execution of the RPA component in UIPath through a REST API call.

Can anyone point me to where should I be looking for information on how to configure this from UIPath side?

Thanks in advance!

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no worries
we got an exclusive documentation from uipath on this
here you go for details on REST API with uipath

and an example

properties fields description in details

hope this would help you
Cheers @Petrunenko

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for this, and this is very helpful to learn how to run web services FROM UiPath, but I was looking for documentation on how to execute a process IN UIPath by evoking a web-service call from another application :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kindly have a view onthis

Cheers @Petrunenko

Thanks, so this is showing how to do the same thing executing running the process from UIP.

Perhaps, I should rephrase the question.

Is it possible to evoke a process in UIP from a 3rd party application using a web-service call?

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I hope calling a process In UiPath from another application is based on that application **because we got option to connect the API of UiPath through orchestrator API from another third party application

AND in reverse if we want to invoke a process in another application FROM UiPath its absolutely possible but we need the API details of that third party application whether its REST or SOAP API
Based on that we can process @Petrunenko

For more details on UiPath API

Cheers @Petrunenko

You can call the third party application from UiPath, or if we have a bot deployed in orchestrator, then we can run the process from orchestrator calling API of orchestrator.

If you have any option of running a batch file, then you start process of UiPath using Batch file as well

Were we able to get this buddy
Because it’s possible to call the UiPath orchestrator api with which we can trigger the process in UiPath

Cheers @Petrunenko

Okay, so this looks rather promising. Can you point me to some documentation on this?


Have you tried connecting machine to the orchestrator @Petrunenko?

here is the video which will help you to connect the studio to orchestrator :slight_smile: and the URL will be

Not yet, this is on the to-do list for today :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again

Oh, This is quite interesting thing to learn in the UiPath :slight_smile: @Petrunenko,
Please let me know if you have any questions

Hi Hareesh!

Sooooo, I was able to connect the Orchestrator to the Robot that I have created on my machine (the UI has changed a bit since the. recording, but the video helped a lot!).

You mentioned, there’s also a way to call the Orchestrator API through a REST call, can you point me to the right direction?

Thanks again!

This thread gives you the clear info about that @Petrunenko

This is the documentation related to rest api :

Thanks! Let me dig into it

okay, this might be stupid, but is the [Account_logical_name] the name that I see in the[NAME] in settings?

Also, when I try accessing the I get an error message “Page not found” whilst the gives me an error message:

{“timestamp”:“20-08-2019 09:33:33”,“errorMessage”:“Full authentication is required to access this resource”,“debugMessage”:null,“errorCode”:9024,“subErrors”:null}

Try to send it in postman with the bearer token you have @Petrunenko

You will get the account logical name and account name :slight_smile:

Actually decided to go the good-old-way of c completing all the steps in the manual guide :joy:

Working on it…

You have a clear documentation available here @Petrunenko