Process execution dependent on GMAIL response

Process execution dependent on GMAIL response

Hello good day, thank you for your support.

I have 2 processes, the first one is running with a time trigger of 7:00am.
And the second process I have to execute depending on the response of an email from GMAIL.

Could you tell me how I can program to start the execution of the 2nd process???
It is worth mentioning that the time in which I can receive the answer is variable from 11 am to 1 pm.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @Angie_Oviedo

We have done a similar process and below are steps we performed

  1. You should create a Gmail Monitoring or Gmail Checking workflow in the process 1. Schedule process 1 for every 15 mins (your choice)

  2. If not possible to Integrate in process 1 then create separate process.
    Schedule this Gmail Monitoring process for every 15 mins (your choice)
    you can also schedule this process to run between 11 am to 1 pm

  3. From this Gmail monitoring process create a queue Item for process 2 as soon as you receive the required response in Gmail.

  4. Now configure the Queue Trigger for Process 2, so whenever new items are added to the queue process 2 will be triggered.

Note: If both the process uses same machine and same robot id or shares same licenses then process 2 will go to pending state and once the process 1 / Gmail monitoring bot is completed then process 2 will be start the execution.