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first I will “click” 50 times, then I will do another action and continue from 51st and choose another 50. 300/50=6

I will do this 6 times in total. How can I do it ?

Hi @d.ulutas,

As far as I understand, there is a table consisting of 6 pages and the index is 0 on each new page.

To make this easier, do datascraping first. Then give dynamic aananame by looping in the table.

In case index / 50 = 0, press the next button.


no, there are 300 lines in total on a page, I want to select 50-50 without changing the page.

This is better. Do datascraping. Assign an index variable inside the loop. Under the condition that the index is 50, do whatever you want and set it back to 0.

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refer to this
TEST.xaml (9.0 KB)

  1. define sayiCount and clickCount

  2. calculate repeatCount (sayiCount / clickCount)

  3. use Enumerable.Range function to loop over repeatCount then inner loop to loop over clickCount

The place I clicked on is not like a table, so data scraping cannot be done.

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