Process each item of an array of string

Dear all,
I need some help please,
I created an Array of string variable :

that contains 3 string variable input. this work fine but after that I would like to process each string item in this array.
I created this loop to do that (in_arrpatient is an argument with value previous variable created “arrXD03”)
But the loop process only the first item (first variable codePatient) and then again and again 3 times the first one.

Could you please help ?


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For issue resolution set a breakpoint on the for each and inspect in the local panels the content of the in_arrpatient argument.

Is it correct filled?

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Thank you very much! I had another account but since update it was deleted :sweat_smile:

Yes it seems ok :

Should I try another way? I read in forum maybe with list of string instead of array.

no working with the arra is fine

next analysis steps:
continue with the debug Stepwise untill the delay acitvity and check item in the local panels. in the second iteration it should show the second item

Show us where you access the item value (as a screenshot)


Thanks a lot I dit it, and all was correct :

the error was mine sorry after delay activity I forgot to keep the item variable into the transaction :sweat_smile:
your advice help me to better dissect the problem through debug stepwise!!
thank you

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