Process doesnt work offscreen


I’m creating an auto-filling process but a part of it is off-screen and doesn’t work. When I scroll down to it at the moment of filling it starts working. Can you please tell me how to fix this?! forum|532x241

Thank you in advance

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Check Simulate type or Send Window message properties for that Type Into activity and check once.

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Buddy @Gabriel_Toth
Its all because the bot is not able to find the element to type or even click buddy…
In this situation you can handle this with two methods buddy.

  1. Either you can use a send hot key activity with tab as key followed by type into key…so that it will go to the field and type buddy…use no. Of send hot keys as per the no. Of fields you have…this will work for sure buddy…
  2. Or with the current process you have…before typing into the field which is off screen, use a single send hot key activity with key down that would scroll down to the field which was off screen…
    And finally whatever may be the method you choose from the above, enable the clickbeforetyping, emptyfield and simulatetype or sendwindowmessage properties in the click and type into activity buddy
    Kindly try this and let know buddy… @Gabriel_Toth