Process deployed in UiPath Demo Orchestrator does not run

Hi All,

Note : I use UiPath Studio CE and i have connected to the locally installed robot to the demo Orchestrator.

I have created a process that reads the email from IMAP gmail account of mine and processes that body of the mail. It works completely fine in the local.

I have published the same process to Demo orchestrator and deployed the process as well. But it does not run there.

Shouldn’t the process run after deployed into Orchestrator? Is my understanding right?

Any help is highly appreciable. Thanks in advance.

You can run the process after the deployment into orchestrator also, no problem in it.

Check once ur studio and orchestrator connected properly or not and also check data is uploaded to orchestrator and your getting proper data from orchestrator

everytime u made changes to process, u have to publish the process from studio and u have to update same in orchestrator to run latest process

can you please give the status of your robot. and also check weather robot is properly provisioned or not.

Thanks for the reply. My question here, I have deployed the process into orchestrator, and when i run the process locally using UiPath studio, i get those logs in Orchestrator. Wouldnt the process run in orchestrator itself and not running it locally using the studio.

Its all done correctly as far as i know. I think i have put my question wrong. Always process run locally only or where code is deployed. Whether you run code from studio or orchestrator.