Process couldn't be started. Webhook limit reached. Please contact your admin! HELP

There are no details of licensing and limits to webhooks. Please help!

That shows the limit mentioned for the data transmission is exceeded. Can you mention where is the IIS server and DB is hosted? If that is a VM there is something called Outbound data limit, please ask your infra team to have a check on that.

usually that doesn’t happen, I wonder what sort and size of data is being transferred to and from orchestrator. That needs some attention, you can reach out to technical support and get the settings reviewed.

Also below link might help too.

Increasing the Size Limit of Package Files (

Hello @rahulsharma. Thank you so much for the prompt response.

  1. We have Cloud Orchestrator. I am assuming IIS server and DB are hosted by UiPath itself for this scenario.
  2. The data transferred in not huge in size but it is requested several times.

Yes even if the Orchestrator itself is on cloud, it might have some restriction on Outbound data. So that should be checked first, if that is causing this issue.

Also, as it is a live orchestrator, suggest you to log a support ticket to UiPath technical support team too.

I tried to lookup anything related to webhook limits but I’m only asuming it will be changed from their side.

I already raised a ticket. Lets see.

Thanks a lot man

That might not be related to webhooks limit as per my knowledge, the cloud instances created have Outbound data - the data limit for sending the data out from the cloud instance. May be infrastructure team can help too.

You may mention the solution here once you get any. That will help to have a query + resolution pair here on the forum for community.

I will surely post the solution here.

This is fixed.

Whenever you publish a package of UiPath App, it creates a new webhook in the orchestrator:

For enterprise license the limit of webhooks is 100 (100 webhooks can work simultaneously or 100 UiPath Apps can work).
I published my application about 100 times in which all of the packages had webhooks.
By deleting the old ones, new ones started working.


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