Process Being Slow When Run in Flowchart

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What to do? I am loading one excel file and invoking different processes. Each process creates the column in the same loaded excel file and then perform some calculations and fills that column. It is taking too much time and blindly I am waiting for when the execution stops.

But when I trigger single process so it performs very fast. Below is the screenshot:


I believe It’s not the issue with the Flow Chart / Sequence

As you are saying It’s a excel file, so if that file has more rows of data

then for loading that it will take some time and also for manipulation of such large data also will take time

So can you see which activity is taking much time by placing the logs and check

Hope this may help you


Thanks for your swift response @Srini84, Yes, indeed, I am handling almost 205K rows in the excel file. My Bot is perfect with the small records but as I grow the records it takes too much time. Pl. give some suggestions and how should I come to know that the bot will take how much time to complete the process?



Okay, Then place a log message in between the activity and check how much time is taking

Also avoid For Each loops, replace that with Filter Datatable / LinQ kind of things

As I don’t know much about your workflow, so those were the basics things you can do for fasten your process


This is not correct. Filter Datatable and LINQ still loop, it’s just hidden from you. For Each loops are not slower. There is no reason to avoid For Each, they work just fine and aren’t slower.

By testing and seeing how long different numbers of records take.

Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD and @Srini84 ,

  1. Do review this thread from @postwick There is no need to try to avoid For Each loops on large amounts of data - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum to know why standard libraries are just as fast as linq queries. I assume these standard libraries also use linq queries in their source code.

  2. Another important reason why your automation may seem slow is because you ran it in debug mode. When this automation is run from the assistant or Orchestrator, you will notice it will execute much faster.

  3. 205K rows is a large number, so I suggest you run this process in 10K buckets and see if it improves execution time both in debug. Try different size buckets and choose the one which executes fastest. This result will replicate later when you run it from assistant or orchestrator.


Thanks a lot @jeevith for your detailed explanation. I try it today and let you know.

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Thanks @jeevith : Really appreciated your instant support. Issue is resolved now and the post of “postwick” you shared helped me a lot.

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