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I have some question for studio trial edition
In studio trial edition package we got studio X, Studio, and Studio Pro license and also 1 attended robot.
so is that mean we can deploy ‘robot process’ from studio trial edition ?

Thank You

Hello @AndhikaDwi,

The trail versions are for evaluation purposes only and are not meant for production use. If you got one single key for all the 4 products & an Orchestrator is not involved, this would mean that you will have to use all the 4 products on a single machine. That said for period of 60 Days you can build using any edition of the studio & publish the workflow, then run it from the Attenuated Robot.

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,


thanks for reply sir.
yes it not for production business but only for Prof of concept phase to our client and with studio trial edition we can build and deploy any process for only 60 days. That’s right ?

Hello @AndhikaDwi,

Yes, you are right. POC Implementation is the main reason behind issuing Trail Licenses.

Good luck with the POC !

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:


ok thank mr. nithin for fast respond it make me clear.
hope same of luck to you too :pray:.

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