Process automation - outlook User data attachment

I started with RPA development
and as part of this “process automation - get attachment from outlook and enter data into ( website”.
i downloaded the “User data” file and modified the data with some new data and after building the project when i run the automation taking data from original “user data” file only. were as my outlook has new modified data file.
why is lt like that. is ( website is prepared to load only with UIpath original “user data” file?
why it is not taking the modified “user data” file?

When you press start, you have 10 rounds and the website checks the correctness of the data and the time according to the excel which you are downloaded

Thank Piotr for the reply.
i tried doing manually and submit data to the RPAchallenge website but looks like when i download its just giving the same data but not my input data.
and file also what i observed is its taking the attachment and saving copy to project folder and reading from there only even if i run the project multiple times with modified file.
is there any way to avoid this and read the data from latest email attachment instead of previous run email attachement?