Process appears as still running, however the logs are frozen and uirobot does not seem to be running anymore


I observe some strange behavior in my company UiPath Orchestrator

As the title says, the bot is “frozen”, with no logs anymore, and UiRobot does not run anymore, however, in Orchestrator the process appear as still running.

This has been going on for some days if not weeks now.

The workaround is to kill the process, as it keep the machine busy.

Any ideas?


I come with a clarification, the UiPath Robot (or Executor how it called now) seems to be still working if I check Task Manager, however it does not appear in task bar

Is it a problem of UiPath Executor? Because I have also observed it crashes a few times in the past with a pop up saying “UiPath executor has stopped working”


I have also faced similar issue few months back. This can happen when lot of logs are generated and copy of those are stored locally in bot machine. It should be cleared.

Try this:

Go, and clear all logs available at :

XXXXXXXXXXXX- should be your user name and restart the machine.

Let me know if this works.


Hi @raool90,

Normally the “UiPath Executor has stopped working” error comes up when the machine runs out of memory. As @AnkitJain said, doing a cleanup of the machine should help/prevent it, if it happens on a physical machine I would also install & run a cleanup tool like CCleaner.

I have this fairly regularly and it does make the job ‘freeze’ in the Orchestrator.
Ones I observe seem to often be around updates that are pushed on us which are disconnecting the screen, causing the crash. Highly frustrating.

Actually, I decided to split the process into 5 parts due to huge amounts of data read by the bot

Hopefully this will solve the freeze problem

The bot just freezes and nothing happens, not even fails to let other bots start