Process action in Action Center using API

Hi all,
I am looking for a solution to process actions in the Orchestrator with an API call.
In swagger no PUT request is available for Tasks.
The actions are listed in the Orchestrator and only need to be assigned and processed, so the robot can process farther activities.
Is their any way to get the actions from the Orchestrator, assign them to a user (these steps seems possible), and then process the assigned action as needed?

I’m curious to hear your solutions.

Hi @HowToDoIT

Could you clarify what exactly is there to process? Typically tasks require human intervention to move them forward, so by definition this should not be automated.

And if you can automate it, then you wouldn’t need to use tasks, no?

Hi @loginerror,

If we could automate it we definitely don’t need tasks.
I am looking for a solution to process tasks with an API request. This will give us the opportunity to create dashboards for different company departments, showing the tasks sorted per dashboard.
Users can process the tasks with buttons we create on the dashboards. We can integrate these dashboards in applications or workstations where the users want it.
The process will look like this:

  • Tasks are collected by an API request from the Orchestrator and appear on a dashboard for a user (the dashboards we can create at efficiënt locations for the users.).
  • Users can access the dashboard and give input what/how they want to process.
  • Based on the user input in the dashboard an API request is send to the Orchestrator to execute the task in the way as needed and trigger next steps.
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Hi @HowToDoIT
Have you explored the Action API documentation here
Action operations : Actions Requests
Form based Action completion and retrieval : Form Actions Requests
Document Validation Action ( or other external action) : Generic Actions Requests

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