Proces run whenever the system is booted in the morning even though the trigger is not set on that time

I am learning UIpath and Orchestrator, so I made a few unattended processes that run on triggers

This is a screenshot of the trigger (I’m talking about the first one named RPA stock…)

I used the following cron expression

0 0 6,12,18,23 ? * * *

As shown in the image below, this process was triggered after just a few minutes of turning the system on in the morning (make sure to look at the time in the bottom right corner).

This process runs on a regular schedule whenever the system is rebooted in the morning (I noticed the process is running in the morning because the system eventually shuts down in the evening).

I think that if all the triggers are missed or even one trigger is missed, then the trigger goes into a queue (not the orchestrator one!) and when the system gets booted, the process gets triggered (this is my theory).

(the same thing happens with the second trigger too name “time trigger”)

Hi @sagar.raval ,
You are correct. When the process is enabled with triggers, it starts the job at the scheduled time. If it doesn’t find your machine, then the process sits in a pending state until it finds the machine available (which in your case is when you start your machine)
This is why you see BOT runs when you start your machine


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Hello @sagar.raval

Please check the similar post. During the execution maybe the bot was not available and the job was in a pending state. So when you connect back to the machine its re-executing the pending job.


so what could be a solution ? what if even the trigger is missed it will ignore and whenever the machine is available it will only trigger in the upcoming triggers and not the pending one

HI @sagar.raval

So what you can do is go to your trigger and edit the options Schedule ending of job execution

Enable it and set as kill and give an hour of your choice

Eg: I set as 3 hours , the process will be killed after 3 hours , it will kill both running and pending state

Note: Give the hour based on your process runtime (i.e., If it will run for 2 hours give 2.30 or 3 hours)


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