Probles to identify files with Gsuite Activities

Hi! I have a problem, and since I have always recevied much help from your Community, here I come again!!!

My problem is with the Gsuite Activities. I am using OAuth ID system, and I am able to upload a file to GDrive and I am able to find it with “Search files and folders” activity. If I delete it in GDrive, my xaml does not find it, and as soon as I upload it again, my xaml inmediately finds it. The problem is that I have another file in the exact same folder where the xaml finds the one I uploaded with Uipath Gsuite upload activity, but it does not find the one that is also in the folder but I uploaded independently some weeks ago. It seems to be a problem of permissions in GDrive, right? I have navigated through my Google Account to try to change it, but I have not been able to do so. Has anybody confronted such a problem? How did you fix it?

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Hello @ccrespo9669

If the file exists in the folder usuallyit should identify that. If you use find file/folder to find that file, are you getting any error??

Hi Rahul! No, it does not show any error. It simply does not identify it. If I try to identify a file that I uploaded with Gsuite Activities, the bot, the “Find files and folders” activity finds it, but it does not identify the other file that I uploaded on my own (without the bot) some weeks ago. It looks as if the GSuite activities had access to files that have been uploaded from Uipath client. Does it make sense? May it be a problem with G Drive permissions? If so, how can I fix it?

thank you again for your quick answer…


done!!! It was a problem of configuration of permissions in the API in

Sorry for the disturbances. Thank yoy very much Rahul for your help. I really apreciate it. Thanks.


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