Problems with xls file. htm folder or error ReadRamge


I’m trying to trim the first 12 rows off my Excel file.
This is all going fine one way or another.

The problem is what happens after.
When I write it back to the file in an application scope a new folder is created with files that are connected to the .xls file.

I decided to try it with ReadRange outside of an application scope, but there I get the following error:
Read range : Your stream was neither an OLE2 stream, nor an OOXML stream

The two workflows are as shown below. If you need more info about this let me know.
Anyone encountered something similar and know how to fix this?

Apparently the file is a html file with xls extension…
Meaning you can’t use read range because it’s not really an excel file and explaining why the other folder is created as well.

Have to convert it here to make it work as normal excel file. But I’ll try to use read range in excel application scope and write a new file with the data table.

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