Problems with web scraping

I’m trying to learn how to use UiPath and in this case trying to scrape search results from this page “”. However, I can’t get a clean scrape of all search results, including business name, address, phone, website. I get an error saying “Pattern element doesn’t match” or missing/duplicated data as I try and add the correlated data. Please help


Can you try using the wizard first and ensure the same pattern is used to identify the object next time when you extract co-related data?
If you still face any issue, please send a screenshot of the error and let us know which pattern you are trying to extract.

Note: Ensure you have a certain pattern to extract data into a data table


Here is the scrapped data.
Looks like Data Scraping doesn’t seems to scrape properly even though following the same pattern.
Is this because of website structure or something to do with UiPath activity.

Thanks for doing that. They are the same results I got. I then tried to start by selecting the title of the first result followed by the title of the last result on the page but when I went to extract the correlated data (address) associated with each it returned the “Pattern element doesn’t match” error. I then went back to the same approach outlined in the training (first and second results) and tried to modify the definition, without success.

Yep i did the same ,faced same error. Lets see what vikas has to say about it.:slight_smile:

Hi @abates & @ddpadil,
For data scrapping, there must be a pattern. And I believe you guys are trying to match pattern in record 1 and record 2 and record 2 don’t have address that is why you are getting message “Pattern element doesn’t match” when you are extracting co-related data.
Try to match record 3 with record 4 it will work fine.