Problems with studio running a workflow

Hi all,

Today I’ve stumbled upon a problem that is driving me crazy trying to figure out why it’s happening. My workflow was running perfectly yesterday, ran multiple times without an issue. After finishing it, I left it open and put my laptop on sleep mode (don’t know if this is relevant, but the more you know…). 8-10 hours later, so today, I tried running it again - same code, no changes - for a last run check, and I stumbled upon error upon error…

Has anyone experienced this before? Could it be a Studio issue, or a me/my laptop issue?

The errors were thrown while: trying to access temporary folders (which I could access manually, no problem), access to path denied / read range activity, range not found / and match not found for regex (regex is correct, because it has worked before and I’ve tested in regex101).

first and simplest action would be

  • a restart of the Laptop.
  • debug the workflow and set breakpoint on relevant places for analysis task
  • check access permission for the account details which is running / executing the workflow

if this does not help then share some more details with us:

  • workflow started from Studio / Assistant / Robot / Orchestrator
  • is Orchestrator involved
  • first exception details