Problems with Orchestrator after upgrade


We recently upgrade the version of Orchestrator from 2019.4 to 2020.4 and now we have some troubles.

First we can’t Publish any new Package to Orchastrator in any Machine/Robot that we have. (Problem: Publish of Process project to Oechestrator failed. Request Entity Too Large) The size of the Packages are lower than 2Mb.

Also we have problems to connect 1 Machine to Orchestrator, this machine was working fine before the upgrade. (RemoteException wrapping UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.Clients.OrchestratorHttpException: An error has occurred)

And if we try to delete the Robot/Machine from Orchestrator give us another error.

Hi JuanMaFR

Were you still experiencing this issue? If not how did you go about correcting it.
Was apparently a beta bug in the 2020.4 release that was presumably fixed, but I have run into this issue when upgrading to 2020.10.

Same deal as you, everything connected, everything working.

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