Problems with Generate Regex Patterns

Hello Experts,
I would like help with generating a regex pattern to get specific data the Address field.
Your help will be appreciated
Here is a duplicate sample of what I mean, I just want the Address data
Starting Date Ending Date Address
1/1/2021 2/3/2021 ABCDEF12345-132 7543 XY
2/2/2021 3/2/2021 XCVRWT*5667-111 98765 ZC

Where did this data come from? Is it in a file? Might be tab delimited.

Hi @phionamartinez ,

Could you Check with the below Expression :


We can access each value by Groups 1, 2, 3.

Let us know if this doesn’t work for your case.

No, it’s not working

@phionamartinez ,

Could you let us know what steps have you tried ?

Additionally could you also send the sample data in text file ?

The data is in a tex file, am trying to get the specific data using regex
The data has addresses for people so i can’t share due to confidentiality I just made a duplicate

@phionamartinez , Could you maybe post screenshots of how you’re accessing the values from the regex expression/ Activity in the workflow ?

We would need to know what exactly is not working.

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