Problems with click item - using anchor base

Hi together,

I need some help with my RPA. My goal is to click on the red marked field for “Insolvenz”.
It can be possible that there are new entries in the future so I don’t want to use a normal click-activity.


My hope is the Anchor base activity

But I get a timeout message.
A Fine Image-activity didn’t work, too.

Do you have any Idea to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for helping :slight_smile:

Hi @thomas.seeber

Can you share both the selectors of Insolvenz and its check box?

please check the selector…
if it is not being validated correctly try to use dynamic values in it or use wild cards accordingly


@thomas.seeber Have you tested to use only a Click activity to click on “Insolvenz” but changing the Cursor Position so you click on the left of “Insolvenz” instead?


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Attached are my entries:
image image image


did you change the relative selector to find image instead of find element??

I have used find image but it didn’t work. At the end I found a solution by using CursorPosisiton

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