Problems with click activity in textbox

Hi all, I have a problem with a click activity on a website. As soon as the bot clicks a text in a textbox, the following appears in this textbox:


If I press the text myself, this does not happen. How can I solve this?


Can you share a screenshot for better understanding?


Hi, sorry for the missing pictures.
Before the Click activity:


After the Click activity:


The Problem ist “b uipath_inframe…”

Can you post the properties that you have set to click activities, Try without simulate click .

Let try with a simple alternative activity

Use a SEND HOT KEY activity and indicate that text as element and use key as enter

It’s more like replacing mouse click with a keyboard press

Pls let know if the issue still persists

Cheers @NHoe

Hi, I have tested both suggestions but nothing works fine.

Hmm fine
Pls share a screenshot of property panel of click activity

Cheers @NHoe

i try this

and this

Hi @NHoe,

Can you tell us why you would want to click on the textbox?

If you want to write something in that textbox then click is not mandatory. You can use

  1. Element exists
    if exists
    2. Set Element Atrribute (innertext/innerhtml) = “YourRequiredString”
    Log message → Element not found

This way you do not to depend on the click activity. The robot also does not need to focus on the textbox when using this approach.

The RPA writes a search value in the text box, then presses the search function, because the text box with “enter” does not start the search. After the successful search, a kind of combo box appears whose content must be clicked. As soon as the RPA clicks on the content, the searched value + “uipath…” appears in the text box. However, the RPA must click on the searched value in the combo box, which then opens another menu.
Unfortunately, Select Item does not work.

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Can you try
click image
find children and for each child (child type UI element)
Get attribute if correct click activity not with selector but the element = child

@ahmed.abdo Thanks for your suggestion, I tried that, but it doesn’t work.

In the click remove the selector variable and add the child in the element.


Try to check whether Selectors are change everytime or not, If not you can try to click with Anchor.
you can try 3 ways.

  1. Click with Anchor
  2. Click Text - If Text box have fix text
  3. Click Image - Sometime textbox click by this activity.

With this variant, at least “b uipath…” is no longer in the text box, but it does not hit the “SYSTEM FUNCTION”, but another element, how could this be adapted?

Is it possible to share the url or at lease the HTML inspection?

Please excuse my late reply. Here the HTML from this part.