Problems when executing work does not run

I need help? I am executing a job from the orchestrator, but it seems that it is running da success but I never see it running on my PC

Hi @jsuarezs

Have you linked your machine to the orchestrator properly? I guess you have not linked another computer?

What kind of a process are you running? I mean what does it do? When executing, do you see the robot executor icon on the task bar? Ui logo on a white background icon


Could you please check logs of that job once.

Yes, I have linked the machine to the orchestrator, but when I launch the process since the Job changes its state, it goes from hanging to sucesss but nothing is executed, regardless of whether it is a simple or difficult flow

When running does it show the robot executor on the task bar?

yes, I can see in the orchestrator that is running but in the VM I can’t see the robot running

and from the same machine if I run it from Uipath Roobt the Robot doesn’t run either


Then some problem with your Robot process only. Are you able to run the same process from Uipath studio ?

desde] Uipath studio si ejecutado perfectamente pero de uipath Robot no se ejcuta

hi @jsuarezs

Check the uirobot service


Hello, I’m having the same problem. Any solution?


Can you guys check whether the robot service is running in the task manager?

Same problem , and not able to find the Solution